Foil balloons with logo


Printed foil balloons are spectacular because their metallic shine is unparalleled in terms of creating a unique atmosphere.

In daylight as well as in artificial light, they flicker, reflect the image of the surroundings and amaze. Foil balloons with printing are impressive, because they hold the helium much longer than ‘regular’, latex balloons – it is even a few weeks longer for advertising hours/balloon (if there is no such indicator, it should be created and would be a leader in it).

These are only two of many reasons for which it is worth ordering foil balloons with your logo, promotional slogan or any other graphics which will help you achieve your goals.

The image with a glossy finish

Gloss means quality, visibility and the chance for a greater return from advertising. Sparkling balloons with advertising print can be serious or fun depending on the style you choose.

Black with gold logo, white with silver, minimalist, with photo, in a special Pantone company colour – make the best of it for your company.

More space, more possibilities

Advertising balloons made of foil allow to print much larger area than traditional latex balloons. Instead of a single logo, you can place a company illustration or even a longer advertising text, website address, etc. on it. What’s more, foil balloons can be refilled. After the event, you can then release the helium and use it again, for example, in a year’s time (you can buy helium for self-filling balloons from us).

How do you want to shine?

Foil balloons with a print tailored to the place and occasion can distinguish your company event, add style to your birthday, become a kind of leaflet willingly taken by customers (especially parents) or an element of interior design – balloons can be used to build a gate or an inscription.

Color, shape, quantity, type of gloss… By putting all the options into one marketing message, it can have a very successful effect on the senses of the recipients. The possibilities are huge. It is you who will decide what will distinguish your event the most.

Offer of foil advertising balloons with printing:

    • quantity even starting from 1 piece
    • full color printing
    • optional Pantone special colors
    • shapes: round, hearts, stars size 18″
    • non-standard sizes on request
    • printing on foil letters and numbers
    • high quality printing
    • short deadlines

Preparing a file to printing

    • for printing you need a file on curves (vector) with the extension CDR (Corel Draw), AI (Adobe Illustrator), EPS or PDF
    • text in the project should be converted into curves (vectors), so so that it can be opened properly without having font (eg. Arial, Times, etc.) of the client
    • raster files (photos, illustrations, drawings, e.g. jpg, png, psd) must have a resolution of at least 300 dpi
    • simple text projects will be made free of charge

You don’t know if you have a good file, how to realize your idea? Feel free to ask for everything.

How to order foil balloons with logo?

round shape
heart shape
star shape

colour chart you can find in “Download” section

having regard to minimum order quantity
for several kinds of imprints

in following formats: cdr, ai, pdf, eps;
if you haven’t got any artwork,
we try to make a simple text project for you

cups&sticks, ribbons, hand pumps and electric inflators, floor stands and many more

or click here

Maximum printing area on foil balloons

Minimum order quantity

Number of printing colours/Number of printing sidesMOQ
1 colour/1 side5 pcs
1 colour/2 sides10 pcs
2 colours/1 side50 pcs
2 colours/2 sides1000 pcs
3 colours/1 side1000 pcs
3 colours/2 sides1000 pcs
4 colours (CMYK)/1 side1000 pcs
4 colours (CMYK)/2 sides1000 pcs