Hi-Float gel

What really Ultra Hi-Float gel is? It is pattented liquid, drying inside balloon helium inflated, helps to keep the gas inside. Single gel application increase the floating time 25 times!

Safe, untoxic and biodegradable liquid is recommended for balloons decorators and non-professional purpose. It’s easy to use. You can inflate balloons one day before event and pay attention for another arrangements. No more decorations at the last minute.

Hi-Float is available in following capacity:

  • 0,15 l (5 oz) – for 30 balloons 11″ size; dispenser included
  • 0,47 l (16 oz) – for 100 balloons 11″ size; dispenser included
  • 2,8 l (96 oz) – for 568 balloons 11″ size; dispenser not included (sell separately)

How to use Hi-Float? See the movie below!

Hi-Float gel manual you can find here.