Cups & Sticks

Standard Cups&sticks

Standard Cups&Sticks for balloons are necessary accessory during events give balloons away. Standard colour is white. Coloured balloons – especially with different kind of imprints – strikes a chord with the youngest event attendee. Therefore, it is worth interesting, to take balloons by children. For this purpose, balloons can be put on cups&sticks – this is a simple way to catch balloons.

Lenght of stick – 38cm; weight 2,5g, material: PS
Cups weight – 2g, material: PP

Logistic details:

Single unit 100 pcs 1 set
Box (dimensions: 30x40x26,5cm) 1000 pcs 10 sets x 100 pcs
Pallet (120x80x200cm) 63000 pcs 630 sets x 100 pcs

białe pastikowe patyczki do balonów

Biodegradable Cups&sticks

You can find in our offer special biodegradable cups&sticks as well. Sticks are made from paper and cups are made from high biodegradable rate plastic material (PLA) by BIO-FED_TDPG_M∙VERA_GP1015 certificate. Available colour: white only.

Cardboard holders

BalloonGrip® is the world’s first cardboard engineered balloon holder, designed to secure and distribute air inflated natural rubber latex balloons for giveaways and promotions.

Answering the urgent need for an alternative to plastic balloon sticks, the fully patented* BalloonGrip® is made from sustainable raw materials which can be fully recycled.

Easily assembled for high volume balloon giveaways and suitable for both children and adults, the BalloonGrip® is available in plain white, colourful party colours, or a natural wood effect, with custom printing also available on both small and large volumes!

papierowy uchwyt do balonów