Frequently Asked Questions

What types of balloons can we print on?

We can print on latex and foil balloons. Latex balloons are the most cost effective option and have a huge range of colours. Foil balloons are more expensive, but float for even two weeks inflated with helium. They are available in three different shapes: circles, stars and hearts. Colours chart you can find in Download section of this website.

What sizes of balloon can we print on?

We use to print standard size 11” and 12” diameter latex balloons. We also print giant balloons: 2 and 3 foot balloons. Foil balloons have an 18” diameter when uninflated.

Can we print on both sides of the balloon?

Yes! We can print the same or different imprint both sides of balloons. Tell us about it and we give you information about price.

Can we print a full colour logo?

Yes, we can. We use precision screen printing to minimise colours movement.

Do you have a minimum order quantity?

Our minimum order for foil balloons is 1 balloon and for standard sizes of latex balloons 200 balloons. If you are a regular user of advertising balloons, then it’s worth buying in larger quantities, due to screen setup cost and a lower price for higher quantities.

How many time production takes?

Minimum lead time for our printed balloons is 3 working days, however in summer peak of season, it will be even 8 working days. We also offer an express service – ask our sales department for a price of this option.

What format should my artwork or logo be in?

We need the vectorised artwork (curves), preferably in cdr (Corel Draw) format or eps, ai and pdf. Minimum resolution for CMYK artworks is 300 dpi. If you don’t have the artwork in these formats, please contact us – our graphic designers try to adjust your logo to print on balloons.

Can you print photographs onto balloons?

Yes, we can. You have to keep in mind, it won’t be quite as high resolution as you can achieve on photographic paper.

What ink colours do you have available?

Standard and metallic ink colours are available (you can find them in Download section). If you have a specific shade you want to use, we can match ink colours from Pantone Solid Coated matching system. The balloon colour, unless it is white, will often change the perceived shade of the ink colour that is chosen.

Can I see my balloon before it is printed?

Naturally. Our design team can create digital proof representation of your printed balloons, completely free of charge.

Can I see my balloon before it is printed?

Naturally. Our design team can create digital proof representation of your printed balloons, completely free of charge.

What balloon colours do you have available?

Balloons colour charts you can find in Download section of this website.

Can I have multiple balloon colours?

You can have as many balloon colours as you like at no extra charge, as long as you print the same ink colour on all the balloons. Usually, on dark balloons colours we print light inks and vice versa. You can also change the ink colour half way through the run, this would incur an ink change fee.

How big will my logo be on my balloons?

Logo size depends on maximum circular print area: 11” balloons – 12 cm diameter, 12” balloons – 14 cm diameter, 2’ and 3’ balloons – 36 cm diameter, 18” foil balloons – 25 cm diameter. We always print maximum size of logos.

What can I fill my balloons with?

You can fill your balloons with either air or helium. If you are filling your balloons with air, they can be mounted on balloon sticks (if you don’t use them to make a decoration) or if with helium, you can use ribbon to keep them from floating away! Air pumps are recommended if you are having to blow up lots of balloons.

How long will my balloons float for?

If you are filling our 11” or 12” latex balloons with helium, then they will float for around 8-12 hours, depending on how full you fill them, therefore we recommend to fill balloons in day of the event, if you are not going to coat Hi-Float liquid inside (then balloons float for maximum 6 days). Our giant latex balloons will float for 3-4 days, however foil balloons for 1-2 weeks.

Are latex balloons environmentally friendly?

Yes! Our latex balloons are made entirely from natural rubber and they biodegrade in around the same time as an oak leaf. Furthermore, our balloons fill the highest quality and safety standards, attested by Intertek certificate.

Do the balloons come inflated?

Normally, we don’t send inflated balloons. If you need to fill balloons in air or helium, you have to buy or hire inflating equipment.