Latex balloons with logo


Balloons with the print of the company logo are an excellent advertising material: you receive great visibility at a very attractive price, the amount and appearance of balloons depends only on your needs and the logo is dynamic and perfectly exposed. It is an advertisement that only needs air and your decision to start working for the benefit of the company. You receive much for little – and that’s the ideal of effective marketing.

Be visible, climb up

The balloon with a print is an advertising energy and optimism in an attractive form. It is ideal for dozens of applications: corporate events and celebrations, advertising campaigns, trade fairs and industry events, but also during private anniversaries, birthdays, eighteenth birthdays, bachelor parties, hen parties and similar occasions. Surround your customers with your logo, create a joyful atmosphere – whatever you want to achieve, balloons will help you do it. Let your image be all around you!

Cheaper and easier than ever before

Individual prints of logos or other graphics on balloons used to be practically impossible. Today it is just one phone on +48 725 290 920. The former technology allowed only to print large volumes, hundreds or even thousands of balloons. This was done only by large companies, or the prints were universal enough to be used on many occasions (e.g. birthday, wedding or 18th birthday balloons). This resulted from the cost of preparing the matrices for offset printing, as high as the number of printed balloons, regardless of the number of balloons that had to be prepared. produces prints in screen printing technology. As a result:

  • balloons with logo print are ready to be picked up almost instantly
  • print preparation is fast and cheap
  • we can print small and large volumes


We respect the natural environment as much as we respect the needs of our customers. Our balloons are 100% biodegradable and decompose even after just one year. They have the Intertek certificate and comply with EU regulations.


Choice of colours, sizes and applications

We offer a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes, but only you can decide how your future balloons will look like. You can use them in many creative ways, matching them to your campaign or occasion. You can place on a balloon, for example:

  • company’s logo
  • advertising text
  • current promotion
  • an invitation to a party
  • company’s slogan or campaign slogan or even a photo or a few words directly to the customer or the birthday person. The only limitation is the imagination or the needs of your company.

How to prepare a file

  • we will ask for a file on curves (the so-called vector file) in the CDR (Corel Draw), AI (Adobe Illustrator), EPS or PDF formats
  • the text in the file should be converted into curves so that it is possible to be opened without fonts of the client
  • raster files (photos, multicolour graphics, e.g. jpg, png, psd) must have a resolution of at least 300 dpi
  • simple graphic designs (text only) will be made free of charge

You don’t know if your file is suitable?

How to order balloons with logo?

pastel (standard)
crystal (transparent)
metallic (pearl)

colour chart you can find here


having regard to minimum order quantity
for several kinds of imprints


in following formats: cdr, ai, pdf, eps;
if you haven’t got any artwork, we try to make a simple text project for you

cups&sticks, ribbons, inflators, floor stands
and many more

on: or click here

Maximum printing area on latex balloons

Minimum order quantity

Number of printing colours/Number of printing sidesMOQ
1 colour/1 side500 pcs
1 colour/2 sides500 pcs
1 colour/4 sides1000 pcs
1 colour/4 sides + top1000 pcs
2 colours/1 side500 pcs
2 colours/2 sides3000 pcs
3 colours/1 side1000 pcs
3 colours/2 sides3000 pcs
4 colours/1 side1000 pcs
4 colours/2 sides3000 pcs
5 colours/1 side1000 pcs
5 colours/2 sides3000 pcs
6 colours/1 side1000 pcs
7 colours/1 side1000 pcs
8 colours/1 side1000 pcs
CMYK/1 side1000 pcs
CMYK 1 side + 1 colour/2 side1000 pcs